Every project starts with a concept, an idea. With discussion and brainstorming we determine what your story is, your audience, goals and mission. This phase includes research into your brand, your market, your audience and target audience. Through this explorative phase we find out what inspires you, something tangible or fictional.


Equipped with an understanding of your brand, audience and goals we will then begin to develop concepts that would best tell your story. A treatment is written to serve as a starting point of the open exploration of your brand or product.


Whatever your budget, we will work closely with you to ensure we offer and deliver the highest quality standard for your money. We will work to your budget and stretch the scope of work to guarantee you the highest production standard for your project.


After the concept is created, we move onto script writing. Our close working relationship with each client aides us in developing a structure for a script with the client’s voice acting as a narrative. We find this part integral to work closely with the client so their brand is reflected at each and every stage.


Storyboarding, style and tone can happen alongside the scriptwriting process. Once the concept is approved, we begin our creative and visual story telling journey into envision the look and feel of the film for the client, this allowing the project to come to life.

Location Recces

Having a team of filmmakers from all over the world, including the Arabian Gulf and the UK, really helps in scouting and choosing each location. The setting and backdrop is a vital element in the story telling toolkit.


With a clear concept and treatment, its time to begin the production phase. With a network of highly skilled creatives at our fingertips and a combination of creative craftsmen in one team really enables us to execute your project to an international standard.



This is where the story really begins to come to life. The tone and pace of the story is really brought into its own during this phase. This is where you start to feel what the audience will feel. The story begins to take on an emotive visual script of its own.

Music/Sound Design

Music and sound design is an integral part of any production, this is what drives the pace and emotion, what builds and defuses. Whether you have your own music composed or we hand select from the hundred and thousands of thought provoking and emotive music from international music libraries, or if your budget allows, buying the rights to a popular song will propel your project to a wider audience.

Motion Graphics & Animation

After the rough edit is completed, that motion graphics and animation phase begins. As these elements are costly and time consuming to produce they are included after the rough edit has been approved. These elements compliment and enhance the overall tone and mood of the edit.

Colour Grading

Often over looked as a craft, but can make such a drastic different to the tone and mood of the final product, changing it on a cinematic level. Normalizing and Stylising come into play- the different between matching shots filmed at various different locations, light availabilities etc . Stylizing is creating a theme, set and mood to the final product. Including various filters, vignettes, blurriness and flares can create a nostalgic and emotive mood to the work.


Again, a lot of the time the master sound mix is often over looked and can add so much to the final product. It can be the different between a good film and a great film. The final sound mix is the audible narrative of the whole story.


Social Media Distribution & Online Marketing Strategy

We can access your needs based on your current online presence and branding. Pointing you in the right direction for opportunities and plan out a short or long term social media campaign. We can help you create a unique online presence to tell your story.

Whatever platform you wish to share or tell your story, we will be there to help and advise how and when to do it.